Know your footprint

You can't manage what you don't measure

The first step to becoming more sustainable is to look at your current situation.

Identifying a baseline is important for a number of reasons:

  • Something concrete to measure progress against
  • Identify priority areas for action & key savings opportunities
  • Publicise your environmental commitment
  • Gain accreditations such as the Suffolk Carbon Charter

How to get started? There are a number of different approaches to measuring your footprint, and what you choose will be decided by the size of your business and how much information you want. A large business will likely benefit from a dedicated manager and continual monitoring, but for a smaller business it might be enough to check progress on an annual basis.

Check your Footprint Now - use this tool for an accurate overview, and a handy report to guide next steps. You'll need to know usage for key utilities before you start.
You can log back in at any time to check progress and refine figures.

Ongoing Monitoring - You can get a more accurate picture if you know how figures change with time - and various carbon log tools are available to support this. Email for more information on this option.