Saving Water in Business and Industry

Being waterwise is good for your business. All commercial organisations use water, but how many know exactly how much of this precious resource they are using? Predictions are that in Suffolk the summers will be getting hotter and dryer. The East of England is the driest part of the country and water is a valuable resource.

If you are a manufacturing industry then water bills could be costing your company over 1% of business turnover.  If you are in the retail, hospitality or service sector you could save up to 50% of your water bill. Even if your water use is only for the offices you occupy, there are ways to save water with pay back periods measured in months!

What Can You do as a Business?

The first thing you need to do if you want to save water is to work out how much you use. Conduct a water audit and produce a water management plan that will deliver savings and help the environment. Suffolk Climate Change Partnership's free Environmental Business Adviser can help you address the issue of water conservation.

How Much Water can I Save?

Commercial Businesses

You might expect to save an average of 40% of your water use by making simple, low cost changes to toilets, showers, urinals etc. To find out more about how to make these savings, see the Environment Agency for many helpful tips and a list of suppliers who will be able to help you.

Industrial Businesses

Potential savings at industrial sites are harder to estimate as they are process specific, but they can be as high as 90%! The table below shows the average that you can expect to save for different types of efficiency measures.

Efficiency Measure Percentage of Water Saved
Closed loop recycle 90%
Closed loop recycle with treatment 60%
Automatic shut off 15%
Concurrent rinsing 40%
Spray /Jet upgrades 20%
Re-use of wash water 50%
Scrapers 30%
Cleaning-in-place (CiP) 60%
Pressure reduction Variable
Cooling tower heat load reduction Variable