Pathfinder Partners

Suffolk Carbon Charter Pathfinder Partners

Current Pathfinder Partners of the Suffolk Carbon Charter:

What is a Pathfinder Partner?

Suffolk Carbon Charter Pathfinder Partners are larger organisations that sign up to the Charter’s ethos of sustainable business practices. Their support (both financial and otherwise) promotes the message and facilitates further uptake through their supply chains and beyond.

Increasingly, big business is recognising that one of their biggest impacts lies in their supply chain. Helping suppliers to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions can have an enormous impact on their own carbon footprint. There's all kinds of other benefits too, including helping suppliers to stay financially secure in difficult times, and building a strong relationship across the organisational divides.

The Suffolk Carbon Charter offers a new way to do this without disadvantaging small local suppliers. This accreditation offers independent verification that businesses are engaging with the carbon reduction agenda at one of three levels, and has a proven record of assisting small businesses to improve their performance.

What does a Pathfinder Partner do?

Pathfinder partners are larger organisations that work with the Carbon Charter Panel to accredit some or all of their supply chain. It is particularly suitable for organisations with a large number of smaller suppliers in Suffolk.

The Pathfinder Partner's involvement can depend on their specific needs and circumstances, but involves a mix of 3 areas:

- Financial support for the participating SMEs

- Supply Chain Engagement

- Promotion of the Charter and its holders.

We also expect Pathfinder Partners to have appropriate Environmental Assessments already and/ or to go through Charter accreditation themselves - it's important to lead by example!

 East Of England Co-op

We are delighted that our first Pathfinder Partners - the East of England Co-op - are continuing their support.

They have committed to supporting local suppliers through charter accreditation. As well as a discount on the cost, participating suppliers know they're getting a trusted brand that will be recognised by one of the largest local purchasers.

If your business supplies Co-op East of England, you may be eligible for a significant discount on the full cost of a Charter assessment - please email to discuss.

 Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival

The Charter's second Pathfinder Partners are the Aldeburgh Food & Drink Festival.

The festival's emphasis on high quality local food makes them a natural partner for the Suffolk Carbon Charter. During the festival, our joint message highlights the manifold benefits of local, sustainable supply chains. We look forward to developing the partnership in future years.

If your business exhibits at the Festival, and you want to know more, please email

 West Suffolk Councils

Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council are collaborating to support businesses in West Suffolk to move towards sustainability.  As part of a wide programme of support that covers free advice and grants, they are subsidising the costs of an external Carbon Charter assessment.

If your business is based in West Suffolk, you may be able to benefit from a significant discount to the assessment costs - please email to discuss.

Becoming A Pathfinder Partner

All prospective Pathfinder Partners are assessed by an independent panel, based on their own environmental credentials and the added value they can bring to the Charter. The terms for each Pathfinder Partner are agreed in dialogue against a series of criteria.

Are you interested in being a Pathfinder Partner? Email or call 01473 264472 to discuss what's involved.