The Suffolk Carbon Charter is an approval of the business' performance at a given point in time. Effective environmental management is an ongoing requirement, so we recommend that you should look to renew your accreditation every 2 years. The comprehensive assessment process - which includes a site visit - allows the panel to guarantee eligibility for that period.

After 2 years, however, the situation might have changed considerably, and businesses should reaccredit in order to demonstrate ongoing performance, and to receive the full benefits of Charter membership.

We have worked hard to ensure this process is kept as simple and low-cost as possible, whilst ensuring that we retain our high levels of credibility.

This includes offering 2 pricing options, depending on how much support is needed.

If you are coming up for reaccreditation, please give Groundwork a call on 01473 350370 or send an email to to discuss the best option for you.

Reaccreditation Option 1 - Site Visit & Auditor Support  

This option is for organisations that feel they still require support in compiling and providing the information, data and evidence required, or where there is significant new information since the original accreditation. Evidence will be reviewed and assessed before being presented to the Panel.  You will benefit from an onsite visit by a qualified auditor, and further support in compiling the information as required. 

This option may be most suitable for those that have undertaken significant extra work since the original accreditation, and feel that this should be reflected in an upgrade to the next level, or where other major changes have taken place.  Following this option reduces the amount of supplementary evidence that you will need to provide with your application.

Reaccreditation Option 2 - No Site Visit & Minimal Support 

This option is for organisations that feel they are largely able to complete the Charter application themselves using the guidance provided. The organisation will need to be able to complete the application form and provide the necessary supporting information. Groundwork will provide distance support to the application process, identify weaknesses and possible improvements, and compile a recommendation for submission to the Panel.  This option means you will also benefit from significant independent review of your processes.

This option may be most suitable for those that already hold Silver or Gold, and expect to be reaccredited at the same level or lower, or that have not made significant changes since original accreditation.

A Groundwork auditor will be happy to help you decide on the most appropriate option for you.

Charter Reaccreditation - FAQ

My current Suffolk Carbon Charter accreditation is nearing, or has passed, its expiry date. How do I renew this?

Full benefits of the Charter accreditation last for 2 years from approval - this timeline was agreed upon because a 2 year timeline is a good timeframe for reviewing your processes.  However your Charter remains a valid statement of the independent assessment of your company at the date it was awarded and - whether you renew or not - you are entitled to continue using it as such.

If you are interested in renewing your Charter status then you simply need to choose which of the 2 available routes (listed above) you would like to follow. Once you have chosen the option suitable for your organisation - or to discuss which might work for you - simply contact our team on 01473 350370 or at to register.

Upon receipt of payment we will then send you a re-accreditation form. If you have any questions at all about renewing your Charter status then simply get in touch with us at or on 01473 264472.

How long is the re-accreditation valid for?

The Charter awarded on re-accreditation not time-limited; it remains a validation of your business at that point. However, if you want to reaccredit (either again or for the first time) more than 4 years after the initial award, then a further site visit will be required.

During the reaccreditation period, members of the Charter Panel reserve the right to perform a site visit to spot check charter compliance.  Any such visit will be made by prior arrangement.

If I submit a reaccreditation pack, am I guaranteed to get the Charter?

No.  There are no guarantees before submission either of accreditation or of the level awarded.  Every decision is made by an independent panel judging against the Charter criteria.  All entrants will be supported as far as possible to attain the Charter level that best reflects their achievements, but it is important that you have followed the guidance available before submitting.

If you are not sure what is required, please give us a call on 01473 350370 or send us an email at and we will get in touch.

If reaccreditation is based on self-assessment, does that effect the Charter's level of credibility?

No business can receive the charter without a site visit by an independent auditor. Charter accredited businesses have been endorsed for their integrity and environmental commitment, and this is recognised by the trust placed in them at the reaccreditation stage.

All reaccredited businesses may be subject to a spot-check (by arrangement) from a member of the Panel.

Any businesses found to be deliberately misrepresenting their performance at the self-assessment stage are liable to have the Charter removed, and this would be taken into consideration for any future submission for accreditation.

I’ve reviewed the information for each option but am still not quite sure which is the best option for me, is there anybody that I can talk this through with?

Simply give us a call on 01473 350370 or send us an email at and we will get in touch.