Lean Thinking at Hethel Engineering

Date: 22 November 2018
Time: 14:00
- 17:00
Location: Hethel Engineering Centre, NR148FD

Lean Thinking

Do you think you could be getting more out of your business?

Better productivity is one of the most important goals of any business, regardless of the industry you work in. Lean is a methodology that was born in manufacturing but one that can benefit all businesses.

Lean Thinking is a way of identifying productivity challenges and solving them, to help you take that back to your business and help you do more!

These free 'taster' workshops will introduce you to that methodology and help you get to grips with how it can help you improve your business.

Topics to be covered in the workshops include:

·      Evaluating your value and mapping your value chain

·      Understanding how your processes "push" work through

·      Exploring order driven, "pull" processes

·      How we can strive for a perfect workplace

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Thu 22 November 2018 - 14:00 – 17:00 GMT at Hethel Engineering Centre NR14 8FB


 Both Taster sessions