Materials Not Accepted / Restricted at HWRCs

The following materials are either not allowed, only accepted at selected sites or have restrictions on quantities at Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) sites:


All HWRC sites do not accept any asbestos. Asbestos is very difficult to be identified by the naked eye - therefore sites will not accept anything which has the appearance of asbestos. Contact your local borough/ district council  to arrange an asbestos collection or for advice.

Pet Waste

Note: No cat or dog faeces or any waste from non vegetarian animals can be disposed of at HWRC sites! Visit our A - Z for further advice

Householders are allowed to deposit 1 manageable bin liner of vegetarian pet waste (e.g. rabbit hutch material) per week in the non-recyclable container at HWRC sites.  Any excess vegetarian pet waste can be deposited through the chargeable trade waste service at any of the 11 sites or could be taken to a landfill site or waste transfer station (please refer to your local Yellow Pages). Alternatively, the contents of the average rabbit or guinea-pig hutch (e.g. straw, wood shavings, vegetable trimmings) could be home composted in small amounts, providing your pet has a vegetarian diet. 


Only water based paint that has been dried out using dry sand/ soil/ cat litter will be accepted on site in the non-recyclable container. This drying method is only recommended for paint tins no more than quarter full. No oil based paint can be accepted on site. For larger quantities of paint or paint that cannot be accepted on site contact your local borough/ district council who will collect these for a charge. 

Soil, Rubble & Hardcore

Hardcore, Rubble and Soil

Since 2016 the limit on the amount of hardcore, rubble and soil accepted has been removed. This is not classed as household waste (according to the Controlled Waste Regulations) and therefore a small charge is being made. See the pricing chart here.

Alternatively you could retain excess soil for planting and potting, or hire a skip or tonne bag. Please look online or refer to a phone directory for a supplier.

Hazardous Waste

A few items which are regarded as hazardous waste can be taken to HWRCs for recycling: 

  • Used engine oil
  • Household and vehicle batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs
  • TVs and computers
  • Fire extinguishers (except Halon type)

The majority of household hazardous wastes such as syringes, poisons or corrosive/flammable liquids can not be accepted at HWRCs. Please click here for more information on these. You will need to contact your local District or Borough Council for disposal of these items.



Since 2016 the limit on the amount of plasterboard accepted on sites has been removed. Plasterboard is not classed as household waste (according to the Controlled Waste Regulations) and therefore a small charge is being made. Click here for further information and prices.

Plasterboard is only accepted at the following four Recycling Centres:

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