Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

Each Christmas, 83 square kilometres of wrapping paper are thrown away in the UK. That's 83 million square metres. Or 11,624 football pitches. And that's just in the bin. Not even recycled! 

If you are going to use wrapping paper this Christmas, don't forget to recycle it afterwards. You could even try taking the gift out of the packaging before wrapping to save on the amount of paper used. This way, you can get rid of all that excess packaging at the Household Waste Recycling Centres before the mad Christmas rush! 

If by this point you're still shocked at how much paper you need, why not try some alternatives to wrapping paper? Staff from Suffolk County Council's Internship scheme have made some 'How To' videos to show you how to wrap your presents using alternative methods - including old magazines and even crisp packets! Watch them now and try them for yourselves.

How to make...recycled gift bags!

How to make...Christmas pouches

How to...wrap presents using an old glass jar!


How to...wrap presents using crisp packets! 


Tweet us your alternatives to wrapping paper @SuffolkRecycling with the hashtag #RecycleXmas. We look forward to seeing your wrapping skills!