Pick the perfect present

Buying Christmas presents can be a really stressful experience. Deciding what to buy, facing the busy shops and buying a meaningful gift that's not too impersonal. It's tough. Don't forget there are so many opportunities for presents beyond the high-street shops...

Home made with love 

So many people dismiss making presents because it's childish. Yes, your family members probably are expecting something a little more fancy than dried pasta on a piece of string resembling a necklace. But home made presents can really be very tasteful and have that personal touch that's missing from shop bought gifts. 

There are so many websites with tutorials showing how to many unique Christmas presents including; photo clocks - great to send to relatives you don't see often, vinyl record bowls - great for those in touch with their inner 1960s, or colourful sugar cubes - for those with a sweet tooth. The ideas are endless. Everything Etsy has hundreds of ideas with tutorials to help you make that perfect present. 

Upcycled gifts

If you don't have the time to make your presents, why not buy upcycled presents instead? Upcycled presents are those made of old materials that have been "upcycled" to give them a new lease of life. Upcycled products have become very fashionable in recent years, with many shops and markets specialising in this type of gift. 

There are loads of websites that sell these gifts too, such as Remade in Britain , Etsy , Protect the Planet and many more! We've put together a few gift ideas in our Directory of recycled gifts.


One man's trash is another man's treasure

Charity shops can be an Aladdin's Cave of wonderful treasures. No two are the same, so there's notelling of the exciting things you'll find. Just because something is in a charity shop doesn't mean it's broken or of no use. In fact, charity shops check their products to make sure they are of resaleable standard. Your gift will probably cost a lot less than the retail price, you'll be giving a new home to a previously loved item, and you're supporting charity. Get looking early though - they're bound to sell their top items fast!

Buy experiences, not things

Memories are made through experiences, not material objects. Why not buy that special someone a sky diving lesson, a Boeing 737 simulation, or a cookery class. Websites like Groupon offer great deals on amazing opportunities like these. Not only will they be an experience to remember, but think of the wrapping paper you'll save!

There are just a few ideas to help find the perfect present this Christmas.