Reduce your food waste

Food waste is major issue in the UK, with 7 million tonnes of food and drink being thrown away from our homes every year. Most of this food was completely edible too, so not only is food waste bad for the environment, it also costs us £12.5 billion every year! 

We've compiled some top tips to help reduce the amount of food waste in your homes this Christmas. 

Shop by portions

Try working out the portion sizes for your family before you do your Christmas shop. You might even find you spend less because you're buying less food than you usually do.  Supermarkets are notorious for their competing deals over the Christmas period. They will slash prices, put on mouth-watering offers and offer freebies to encourage you to shop at their store. Yes, the idea of four bags of sprouts for the price of two does sound amazing, but are you really going to eat them all? Marks and Spencer reportedly sell around 500 tonnes of Brussel sprouts the week before Christmas. That's almost  the weight of 125 double decker buses. Yet, each Christmas us Brits bin 17.2 million Brussel sprouts. It's not just sprouts we go crazy for at Christmas - we also throw away the equivalent to 263,000 turkeys and 7.5 million mince pies. 

Reuse your food

We all get fed up of turkey sandwiches after Christmas! Don't force a smile as you munch on that dried out turkey sandwich with the last scrapes of cranberry jam. Try more adventurous recipes to use up all of those leftovers. Doesn't a turkey and goat's cheese tart or turkey and sweetcorn burger sound much more appetising than a dull turkey sandwich?

Compost your leftovers

Sometimes waste is inevitable. But that doesn't have to be a bad thing. Home composting is a great way of disposing of your waste food without filling up your bin or having the smell of rotting food in your kitchens. It also creates a rich fertilizer that can be used to enhance your garden. Read this section on Recycle Now to see the kind of materials that can go in a home compost bin. 

Standard compost bins can cost as little as £8.99 for Suffolk residents via the Suffolk Waste Partnership's home composting offer! Why not buy one for the garden fanatic in your family for Christmas? Better still consider giving them one of the specialist food waste systems and compost your cooked food waste as well? 

Follow our tips for great ways to reduce your food waste this Christmas - and all year round - by visiting the Food Savvy Campaign.  And for more ways to stay green this Christmas, why not check out our A-Z of Recycling for more useful tips and advice!