Bring banks

What is a 'bring' site or a recycling bank?

Bring BankBring banks are a series of recycling containers provided by your local District or Borough council. These tend to be located in convenient places in the local community such as supermarkets, schools or pubs. They are particularly handy if you have too much for your kerbside bin or for those recyclable materials that can’t be collected via a kerbside scheme (e.g. glass).

In Suffolk there are over 1000 recycling banks for a wide range of materials including glass, textiles, paper, cans, tins, cartons and books. 

To find your nearest bring bank check Recycle Now's recycling locator

If you want to suggest a good site for a glass bank then contact us at

Tips for using the recycling banks:


    Please remember to:

    • Empty and rinse out each bottle, jar or glass container
    • Please leave your caps on bottles and jars as these are recycled too!
    • Separate into different colours for recycling; clear, brown, green or blue (blue goes in with the green)

      Please do not leave bottles on the ground beside over-flowing banks and call 01842 820804 or email to report the problem which should be quickly resolved.

      If you live in Suffolk Coastal District glass banks are serviced in-house – please use the following contact details for reporting full banks: 01394 444000 or email

      Ipswich Borough Council have a number of red wheelie bins for recycling glass around the town. For issues with these please contact their Waste and Recycling hotline on (01473) 432099 or email:

      Larger glass items such as window panes, mirrors or glass tables can be recycled at all 11 Household Waste Recycling Centres in Suffolk.


    Please remember to:

    • Keep items in a bag to keep them dry
    • Tie shoes and footwear together in pairs                                                       

      Please remember to:

      • Wash and (if possible) squash tins and cans
      • Include clean foil (e.g. food trays, foil wrap, bottles tops)
      • Include empty aerosol cans                                                                          

        If the recycling banks are full, please do not leave recyclables on the ground. Report this to your District/Borough council, and either take them home and visit the recycling bank another day, or visit an alternative recycling centre.

        For more recycling options visit the A-Z of Recycling to find out ways to Reduce, Reuse or Recycle a whole range of everyday items.