Hazardous Waste Collections

Household Hazardous Waste includes any material discarded by a householder which puts human health or the environment at risk because of it’s chemical or biological nature.

Examples of Hazardous Household Waste

  • Decorative paints, varnishes, woodstains and paint stripper
  • Flammable liquids eg. white spirit, petrol and paraffin
  • Garden chemicals and wood treatments (nb creosote and many garden chemicals have been withdrawn from use)
  • Mouse / rat poisons
  • Household chemicals eg. toilet cleaners, drain cleaners and bleaches
  • Swimming pool chemicals eg. chlorine additives. pH adjusters and algicides
  • Motoring products eg. antifreeze, brake / clutch fluid
  • Asbestos products eg. ironing board mat or fire blanket

Household Waste & Recycling Centres will accept certain types of household hazardous waste as follows:

  • Used motor oil
  • Household and vehicle batteries
  • Fluorescent tubes and low energy lightbulbs
  • TVs and computers
  • Fire extinguishers (except Halon type)
  • Paint which has completely solidified (no liquid paint) Nb. Oil based paint may still contain liquid paint under a skin

Nb. Although not classed as hazardous, cooking oil is a difficult waste and may also be taken to a HWRC

General Points

  • Do not dispose of any hazardous waste down the toilet, sink or drains
  • Do not burn any hazardous waste on garden bonfires
  • Never mix products
  • Ensure that containers are properly labelled and instructions for use are followed
  • Store chemicals safely and away from children and pets

Tips for reducing quantities of Household Hazardous Waste

  • Does someone you know have a suitable product before purchasing
  • Try to use up leftovers eg. by adding an extra coat of paint or passing on to someone else to use (check shelf life of product before passing on)
  • Find safer alternatives eg. water based rather than oil based products
  • Only purchase quantity of product required for job

If you still have hazardous waste after referring to the hints on reducing the quantity a collection may be arranged through your local council, although there will be a charge for this service.

Contact Details

Babergh District Council - 0300 1234 000 Option 4

Forest Heath District Council - 01638 719284

Ipswich Borough Council - 01473 433090

Mid-Suffolk District Council - 0300 1234 000 Option 4

St. Edmundsbury Borough Council - 01284 757320

Suffolk Coastal District Council - 01394 444000

Waveney District Council - 01502 562111

If you live in Ipswich you can also arrange a hazardous waste collection online:

To arrange for a collection in Ipswich click here