Plastics - Know Your Place!

How much plastic can you recycle?

Listen up Suffolk...Currently over 8,000 tonnes of easily recyclable plastic is thrown away in the general rubbish bin costing the taxpayer over £700,000 in disposal charges. This campaign shows which everyday household plastics, whether used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or the garden can be recycled in either your recycling bin at home or at a local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions - Plastics

  Which plastics can be recycled?

Recyclable at Home via the recycling bin  Recyclable at Household Waste Recycling Centres Not Currently Recyclable
Washing & Cleaning Containers Hard Plastic from home e.g. Dustpans Polystyrene
Plastic Drinks Bottles Hard Plastic from garden e.g. Watering Cans Fruit Nets
Food Trays e.g. Butter Tubs Plastic Toys Blister Packs
Heath & Beauty Containers e.g. Shampoo Bottles   Crisps, Sweets & Biscuit Wrappers
Garden & Garage Containers*   Pet Food Pouches
    Carrier Bags & Plastic Bags

* Residents should always check the label to ensure they are disposing of hazardous waste responsibly. Hazardous waste should not be disposed of via a domestic household sink.