Re-use at Suffolk's Recycling Centres

All 11 of the Household Waste Recycling Centres in Suffolk accept a wide range of items for re-use, which are donated to a variety of charities.

By passing these items on to someone else, it not only extends their use and prevents good quality items from being thrown away, it also provides an opportunity for the charities to benefit from their re-sale.

Many working electrical items or good quality household goods such as furniture, toys, bicycles, books and more might be good enough to donate for re-use at our Recycling Centres.

Please ask a member of staff whether your items are suitable and they will direct you to the re-use container on site. Click on the button below to find examples of the items wanted:

All items are checked and tested, where necessary, by the charity before they are re-sold.

Seven of our Recycling Centres supply the Re-use shop at Foxhall Household Waste Recycling Centre, with a variety of other charities being supplied across the county.

In addition, unwanted NHS provided healthcare equipment such as crutches and wheelchairs can be taken collected for return to the NHS at three household waste recycling centres - at Bury, Foxhall and Lowestoft.

Follow this link to find out which charities work with each Recycling Centre.