Textiles Recycling Scheme (now ended)

From 31 October 2016 we will no longer accept any textiles or clothing (bagged or loose) in your recycling bin

Why are we stopping the scheme?

We are stopping the textiles collection trail as the costs are becoming too high to maintain. We have distributed over a million bags since 2012, but we now only collect about 1 in 6 bags back. We are also seeing an increase in loose clothing which cannot be recycled and is expensive to dispose of.

How can I recycle my textiles now?

Please continue to recycle your textiles through clothing bring banks and charity shops. To find your nearest bring bank please click here

If you have any of our clear sacks left over, you can use them to take clothes to your nearest clothing bank or charity shop.

What can I put in my recycling bin?

For more information on what can and can't go in your recycling bin click here