Grimshaw release video about the Suffolk Energy from Waste plant

Grimshaw release video about the Suffolk Energy from Waste plant

Award winning architects Grimshaw, designers of Suffolk’s energy from waste facility and a host of prestigious projects around the world, have released a short film on how they went about designing the Suffolk facility, with an emphasis on high quality design.

Featuring interviews with representatives from Suffolk County Council, SUEZ and Grimshaw the film explains the holistic nature of the design process that not only looked at how the building would be used but equally how it would sit in the Suffolk landscape.

The film also considers the impact of design on local opinion and includes interviews with two local residents, who reflect on how they felt about they initially felt about the project project when it was first announced and their thoughts on the building today now it is up and running.

Since opening, Suffolk’s energy from waste facility Suffolk has gone on to win a number of awards and was most recently recognised in the 2017 Civic Trust awards. These awards celebrate the best in architecture, selecting projects that have made an outstanding contribution to the quality of the built environment and that offer environmental and economic other benefits to their local communities., such as environmental and economic benefit.

The Suffolk Energy from Waste facility is run by Suez on behalf of Suffolk County Council and uses the rubbish left after recycling from homes and businesses across Suffolk, to produce enough electricity for 30,000 homes. Over the 25 year life of the contract, it will also be at least £350 million cheaper for council tax payers than continuing to landfill.

Watch the video below:

June 19th, 2017