West Suffolk Car Owners Prosecuted for Abandoning Vehicles

West Suffolk Car Owners Prosecuted for Abandoning Vehicles

The two men prosecuted could have got away with paying only £120 each if they had paid a fixed penalty notice within 10 days but they failed to pay, so the cases went to Ipswich Magistrates’ Court on 10 January 2017.
Scott Day, 39, of Haselmere Close, Bury St Edmunds, pleaded guilty to abandoning a Renault Clio registered in his name, which had been stationery for so long its steering wheel had gone mouldy. It had no tax and no MoT.

The court heard he had received warning notices and visits by a council enforcement officer. Day was fined £500, with costs of £927.50 and victim surcharge of £50.

Derren Harrison, 28, of Boxford Court, Haverhill, failed to attend court so the case was proven in his absence. He had received warning notices and an officer’s visit about his Mazda which had been left on the highway for a significant amount of time. The Mazda had no MOT, and whilst there was a statutory off the road notice (SORN) in force for the vehicle, a vehicle cannot be kept on the highway if it has a SORN.

Harrison was fined £660 with £1,320 costs and £66 victim surcharge.

“The simple message is to arrange for the safe disposal of your unwanted vehicle,” the borough’s cabinet member for operations Peter Stevens said last night. Make sure your vehicle is taken to, or collected by, an authorised and registered company or individual. This avoids the risk of incurring trouble and expense through prosecution and avoids unnecessary cost to the taxpayer.”

The West Suffolk Councils St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath collected 12 dumped cars in 2015/16 but have already removed 51 in the 2016/17 financial year. Having a car scrapped at an ‘approved treatment facility’ under ‘end of life’ regulations is usually free. Visit





January 26th, 2017