Newcut, Glemsford

Newcut, Glemsford
Building typeDomestic
Building AgeNot selected
LocationCO10 7SF
Cost of work£12,000
FeaturesSolar Hot Water Heating,Solar PV Panels,Air Source Heat Pumps,Groundsource Heat Pump,Biomass Boiler,Insulation and Glazing


Victorian Terrace House

Sustainability Features

  • Groundsource heat pump for central and winter water heating
  • Airsource heat pump for heating and hot water
  • Wood Stove for space and water heating.
  • Solar panels for  water heating.
  • Photovoltaic Solar switchable between on & off grid.
  • Ceramic Paint additive developed for space shuttle tiles used to give similar wall insulation rating to cavity wall insulation.
  • Low energy appliances.
  • Triple rated glazing
  • Roof insulation.

Design Process

Designed by myself (Broadcast Engineer). I have been designing and building alternative energy systems for the last 30 years. Installations pre date planning requirement (Air Heat pump) and conservation status.



Green Lifestyle

Wherever possible, Drive Hybrid etc


Rated at 78% CO2 reduction by the Superhomes network.

Suppliers and professional services used

Contractor for geothermal Borehole



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