Cycling is a fast and easy way of beating the traffic and Suffolk has some fantastic off-road cycle paths that can take huge chunks off your journey. During peak periods there is very little difference between arrival times by car or bike. On some routes you will have to share the road with motorists and adhere to the Highway Code Cycle parking is usually FREE, is a great way of keeping fit and healthy (which also reduces the need to visit the gym which also frees up more time for you, and saves you even more money). 

Suffolk County Council has launched the first Suffolk Cycling Strategy.  This sets a vision for cycling in Suffolk to increase the number of adults who cycle regularly every week from the current 13%.  More information around the strategy can be found here and the Spokes People network on Twitter can be joined by clicking here

For further information and advice on commuting by bike visit the CTC website.

  • To plan your cycle journey in Suffolk, visit or
  • To view other Suffolk, or National cycle routes click here.
  • There is also a useful guide on taking your bike on the train which you can view here.
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 Click here to download free cycle route maps of Suffolk towns

 Also check out the cycle routes from Discover Suffolk by clicking here

Did you know?

Cycling instead of paying £2 per day car parking will save £480 per typical 48 week working year on just car parking fees!

Why not...

Have a Cycle vs Car time trial? Try cycling to work for a week to see what time difference between cycling and driving in rush hour there really is. We bet cycling will always be quicker!