Travel Plan Support

By 2021, congestion in Suffolk is expected to cost our local economy £146.6 million per annum - a cost of between £120 - £468 per person per annum. We cannot simply build our way out of this problem and have to look at other solutions. Changing our travel behaviour through travel plans is one of the actions being taken forward in the UK.

In short, a travel plan is a document that seeks to promote greener modes of transport and reduce dependence on the car. However, it does not ignore the importance of the car or demonise its use. Travel Plans contain a package of measures to raise awareness about low-cost options and more pleasant ways to travel.

Business Travel Plan

Business Support
Information and resources to your business save money.



Developer Travel Plan

Developer Support

Guidance for Suffolk County Council's requirements for developer Travel Plans.



School Travel Plan

School Support
Information to help schools develop their personalised Travel Plans.



Travel plans are used as a means to reduce congestion on our roads. In Suffolk, by 2021, this is expected to cost our economy £146.6 million per annum, a cost to our businesses of between £120 and £468 per person per annum.

Not only do travel plans help to reduce congestion, they can also improve our health and wellbeing. Research shows that increased physical activity has a positive affect on reducing obesity and having positive impacts on physical and mental health.

If you are interested in writing a travel plan or require any support with an existing travel plan please contact us by clicking here