Business Support

If you are an employer or employee who is finding that travelling to, or accessing, your place of work is difficult at the best of times, we offer a free service that can help. It could be that your organisation requires assistance to improve car parking demand, reduce their transport overheads or improve its environmental credentials (now essential when trying to secure tenders from some large organisations).

Suffolk County Council works in partnership with businesses to address transport issues through the development of a 'Travel Plan'. This work can improve journey times, reduce the cost of travelling and make the site more accessible to staff, customers, visitors and suppliers. The travel plan (also referred to as a Green Travel Plan) is a single document setting out the business’s transport needs and the actions required to address them. It provides a transport strategy for the business and sets out the support your organisation will require in addressing travel to work and business travel issues.

By making use of the free support, our travel plan coordinators will work with you to produce a bespoke plan and look at the options for improving travel to and for work. Walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing are all options that are considered. We can even put you in touch with key contacts to resolve transport issues and enhance travel options to the site.

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