Benefits of a Workplace Travel Plan

Travel plans can do many things for a business. It can help to reduce transport overheads and can even generate income for the business.

By 2021 the cost of congestion to the Suffolk economy will be over £83 million. This means that congestion is set to cost each business between £120 and £468 per employee per annum. Just by lowering congestion levels to inter-peak levels would cut the cost by half!

Cost of Running a Car

For organisations that have large numbers of staff using the car, the costs can be high to both employers and their employees, although the travel plan acknowledges that cars have a place. The *cost of running a small car such as a Renault Clio (2001 model) is £2,500 per annum, that’s £208 per month!

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Cost of Running a Fleet Car

The cost of running a leased car can range from over £1,000 - £3,000 per car per annum. A business with 10 company cars can pay between £10,000 and £30,000 per year.

Travel plans can help to reduce these costs as well as help with the following: 

  • Save your employees time and money spent travelling to work.
  • Reduce business transport overheads.
  • Alleviate parking issues on your site.
  • Improve your environmental credentials, enabling the business to acquire ISO1401 environmental accreditation – essential for trading with some large UK organisations.
  • Improve employee health through the promotion of walking and cycling initiatives
  • Encourage social interaction between employees
  • Improve recruitment and retention of staff

In addition to this, if your business is expanding and you are requiring an extension or are constructing a new building, you may be required to have a travel plan, generating additional costs in consultant fees. By producing a voluntary travel plan, you receive this service for free.