Developer Support

The requirement for travel plans for new development is included in the National Planning Policy Framework for all new developments that will have an impact on the local highways network.

Suffolk County Council is in the process of producing its own Developer Guidance on Travel Plans. Currently, the Travel Plan Team assess each travel plan against the Department for Transport's travel plan guidance Delivering Travel Plans through the Planning Process.

Suffolk County Council has also produced Section 106 Developer Guidance, which includes the thresholds for when a travel plan is required (under the Transport section) and the types of financial contributions that may be required. The Section 106 Developer Guidance can be downloaded here. Information on the Travel Plan Section 106 fees can be downloaded here.

For additional guidance on what components Suffolk County Council require in a developers travel plan please see the following links:

Please note the Travel Plan Guidance has been updated on 28th February 2014

Residential Travel Plan Components

Commercial/Workplace Travel Plan Components

School Travel Plan Components

If you require any pre-application advice or further guidance for writing a travel plan please contact Chris Ward who is the Travel Planner at Suffolk County Council.