Suffolk Climate Emergency Plan

All councils in Suffolk have acknowledged the climate emergency, with commitments that include both reducing carbon emissions for their own estates and operations and, the focus of this item, working with partners across the county and region (including the LEP, Health, Police and the Public Sector Leaders) towards the aspiration of making the county of Suffolk carbon neutral by 2030.

Suffolk’s Local Authorities have been working together on county-wide climate change project work since 2007 through the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership (SCCP).

Now, all Suffolk’s public sector organisations are together implementing a Climate Emergency Plan.  This Plan has been agreed by Suffolk’s Public Sector Leaders and will support our commitment to a green economic recovery in Suffolk as well as addressing the urgent need to deal with the climate emergency.

Read our Plan here.

Alongside the Plan, we have drawn up a detailed Table of Actions which will be implemented in support of it.

View our Table of Actions here

Read Ricardo’s detailed Technical Report, produced in support of these documents HERE.