Energy Switching

Taking steps to make your home more energy efficient is the first priority. Switching your energy supplier may also save you money – but does it seem like too much effort? A common problem is knowing when to switch.

Help is at hand with a new free service called Cheap Energy Club being offered by Martin Lewis’  that notifies you when the right time is to ditch your old supplier.

Buying Oil

Living in Suffolk and using oil for your heating?  Community Buying at CAS Ltd is a social enterprise that will reduce the cost of your heating oil each time you place an order. Find out more about this service at Community Buying.

Also read this useful Guide to Cheap Heating Oil produced by Martin Lewis, the ‘Money Saving Expert’.

Do you use wood to heat your home?

Do you have a woodburning stove or are you thinking about woodfuel for heating? The Woodfuel Directory can help you find local suppliers of logs, pellets, chips and briquette.