News Flash! – Suffolk Energy Action is now back installing insulation and heating systems. We have been working hard with our installers to ensure that they have all the appropriate risks assessments in place to work in line with the social distancing measures laid out in the Government’s guidance on ‘Working Safely during COVID-19 in other people’s homes’


In most cases, other than where a resident is shielding or has symptoms of COVID-19, installs should be possible. Our installers will discuss your install with you so that you are clear about how the install process will proceed in line with social distancing. If for any reason it is not possible to undertake your install at the moment or should you not wish to have your measure installed at this time we will work with you to confirm a later date to suit.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) requires large energy companies to help improve the energy efficiency of domestic homes by discounting the cost of improvement works. This applies to certain households who are struggling to pay their energy bills and are defined as being in fuel poverty. The Government has now given Local Authorities the ability to identify vulnerable households in their areas which could benefit from these improvements. The new scheme is called ECO Flexible Eligibility.

Suffolk’s Councils have jointly published criteria, in a Statement of Intent, enabling them to identify households that would benefit from such improvements under ECO flex. Improvements are often fully funded where the household meets particular criteria and is at risk of fuel poverty.  Suffolk’s Councils are working under contract with suppliers to deliver improvements under this scheme.

Suffolk’s Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent

Any enquiries should be sent to:

Environment Strategy Team

Tel: 01473 264810


Previous versions of Suffolk’s Statement of Intent that have been superseeded are below:

Version 1 – 31.03.2017 until 7.06.2017

Version 2 – 8.06.2017 until 31.12.2017

Version 3 – 01.01.18 until 02.04.2018

Version 4 – 03.04.2018 until 31.03.2019