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Over the years of running the Creating Greenest County Awards it’s been noticeable time and time again that it’s often the drive and commitment of just one person that brings people together, with their ideas bringing a project to life.

This award sets out to recognise an outstanding individual and the contribution they have made in helping Suffolk become the Greenest County. 

As with the other awards you can nominate someone who has inspired you, or nominate yourself, we don’t mind! The big difference is that it’s the only category of the Greenest County Awards where the winner is decided by the public.

The shortlist of candidates will be announced on 28th February, which is when the public vote will be opened. The winner will be announced at our special awards ceremony on the 27th March. We kindly request that individuals affiliated with political organisations refrain from applying for the award as this ensures a fair and impartial selection process for all applicants.

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