Entries for the 2023 Nominate Your Green Hero are now open.

Thank you to everyone for voting. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony on the 12th of November at The Hold.

Meet Your Green Hero Nominees

Jason Alexander

Jason, founder of Rubbish Walks has worked tirelessly across Suffolk and beyond raising awareness about litter, single use plastic and other environmental issues. One of Jason’s many green accomplishments is picking up over 1 million cigarette butts off the streets of Ipswich and surrounding areas, reaching this incredible milestone in October 2021. His achievement has been recognised internationally and inspires not only residents of Suffolk but individuals around the world.

Debbie Bartlett 

The creator, founder and de facto CEO of Litter-Free Felixstowe, a volunteer-based community interest group. Its aims are to educate and raise awareness about the impact of litter on the environment, and explore the causes of littering.

LFF is about much more than just litter picking – education and community involvement is key. Debbie has regular contact with schools, and has produced special events like the production of the Litter-Free Film which stars LFF children talking about the environment.

Mark Brewster

Mark is an avid campaigner for improving the local environment he lives in and the wider area.

He can be seen on his daily litter picking along the road sides and hedgerows of Onehouse and neighbouring parishes collecting bags of litter dumped by motorist.

He is a regular attendee at Pickerel Project events undertaking litter picking, river clearance, invertebrate surveys etc along the River Gipping.

Kirsten Marshall (Eco News)

Founder of The Eco News, an eco-friendly newspaper subscription service that shares sustainable lifestyle tips and eco-friendly product recommendations to its subscribers.

The 28-page newspaper and online website, aims ‘to raise awareness of making a change and helping to save our planet’.

Jo Salter

Jo founded the social enterprise Where Does It Come From? in 2013 to create kind clothing and textiles with a tale. Since its inception Jo has focused Where Does It Come From? on creating positive impacts across three pillars:

1) Farmers and workers – partnering with co-operatives and social enterprises in India, Africa and the UK to support rural communities, the continuation of key skills and livelihoods for the marginalised.

2) The planet and nature – Natural fibres from regenerative farming such as rainfed indigenous cotton, low carbon processes such as hand weaving, natural dyes and zero waste production.

3) The customer – inspiring connection and behaviour change through linking them with their garment story.

Hugh Somerleyton

Hugh has been the driving force and public face behind the most high-profile environmental movement in the East of England: Wild East.

Established in 2018 with his good friends Argus Hardy and Olliver Birkbeck, Wild East was set up with the ambition of returning 250,000 hectares of land to nature, to reverse the alarming ecological declines and to create the world’s biggest nature reserve in the Wild East of England.

Prof. David Welbourn

David has encouraged the Methodist Church community to learn about the climate emergency, to speak out about the issue, to take appropriate action and to inspire hope for the future. He set up an initiative to harness the concern and energy of church members across all twenty two churches in the Gircuit, in response to the climate emergency.