NEWS: As part of the Government’s 25-year Environment Plan, the Minister has announced that the East Suffolk Catchment will be one of the four initial pilot catchments for testing innovative approaches to reforming water abstraction. Visit the Water Abstraction Reform website to find out mote. This not only recognises the importance of our precious water resources for public consumption, our economy, farming and the environment, but also gives a national profile for the well-established Holistic Water Management Project!

Read the latest ADA Gazette article about the project and find the latest news from Holistic Water Management Project in the June 2018 Update 

We are lucky enough to have many water-dependant habitats here in East Anglia, yet we drain water off the land out into the sea whilst experiencing both droughts and floods. The Holistic Water Management Project is about linking all these aspects of water management. We are trying to develop new ways of delivering flood alleviation, to provide more reliable water resources for all users and to improve water based ecosystems and water quality.

Click here to view a short film about SCC’s innovative and exciting approach to water management in East Anglia. The UK Water Partnership film was screened at last year’s Sustainable Food, Farming and Water Workshop. View the Water Workshop Report.

But whilst it all makes a great deal of sense to view water in a holistic way, it is not going to be an easy task to put this into practice. There are many regulatory obstacles to overcome and it will require a new approach to the concept of shared investment in water resources by all parties, including the environment. All the interested parties were bought together – councils, water companies, landowners, water abstractors, environmentalists, the Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards and the Essex and Suffolk Rivers Trust – to establish a Project Board.

The project is concentrating on the Deben catchment in Suffolk as this was deemed the best catchment in Suffolk for a pilot project. To find details of the project development see the Project Board page

The project is split into working groups – progress in each of these areas can be viewed by clicking on the sections below:

Debenham Flood Management Licence Trading & Abstraction Reform Channel Morphology & WFD improvements
Reservoir Planning & Consents Streamlining Felixstowe Peninsula Managed Aquifer Recharge
The Project Board

The project continues to make good progress and is gaining support and awareness from a wide range of organisations and individuals – including MPs and government ministers, statutory agencies, environmental and community groups and landowners.

For further information please contact Matt Hullis on 01473 264446 or email