The Suffolk Climate Change Partnership provides support to community groups and non-profit organisations in the West Suffolk and East Suffolk areas on a range of climate change and energy issues.

What help is available?

Community Building Energy Audits

Our advisor can provide a free assessment of your buildings’ energy use and identify ways to reduce your running costs and your carbon footprint. The actions range from low cost measures like switching energy supplier, to higher cost measures like solar panels and heat pumps.

If you have something a bit more specific in mind, perhaps you want to install an EV charge point, our advisor can work with you to provide an initial assessment.

Community Energy Projects

If you’re interested in delivering community-led renewable energy, energy demand reduction and energy supply projects, whether wholly owned and/or controlled by your community or through partnership with commercial or public sector partners, then our advisor can also provide the support you need to get your project idea off the ground.

Grants and Funding

Our advisor can also point you in the direction of the latest funding opportunities to help turn recommendations into reality. Support can also be given to help you obtain suitable quotes, and calculate the energy savings of your project.

Remote Support

All our services can be provided remotely too.

More information

Take a look at these case studies to find out more about the support our Community Energy Advisor can provide and how you can benefit:

For more information on any of the support offerings available, please contact Sarah Gill on 07720 098980 or