Claire Ling, Community Support Officer

Introducing Claire Ling

Claire, the Community Support Officer (Renewable Energy) for the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership (SCCP).

She started in October 2022 and supports communities and community groups in their efforts to tackle climate change, helping them in reaching the county’s aspirations of reaching Net Zero by 2030.

How can Claire help you?

Claire has already been in contact with many groups already throughout the county establishing relationships and knowledge of all the schemes and initiatives that are happening or being put in place. She can visit you to discuss strategies and stimulation conversation, offering particular support, grants and funding ideas to take schemes forward.

Examples of involvement:

  • Attendance to a Climate Action Day showcasing Suffolk Warm Homes scheme.
  • Participant in community Energy efficiency evening for local homeowners.
  • Presenting Community Support Officer role SCCP to green group AGM.
  • Visiting and supporting sustainability groups in energy efficiency of community buildings such as village halls.
  • Supporting submissions for the Suffolk Climate Action Match Funder.
  • Support around project planning and community engagement.
  • Thermal imaging project for communities

Keeping in touch is vital.

We’d love you to join us in our Greenest County Community Network.

We send out bi-monthly newsletters, and other communications – usually about funds and grant opportunities or upcoming events of interest.  To join us please go to the Greenest County Community Network:

By completing the form, we hope to be able to communicate better with you, know what is happening throughout our county, discover where we can support you and target our correspondence according to projects that are being established.

Our hope is that newsletters and other communications can help build communities, enable networking, be a platform for sharing ideas and initiatives as well as grant and funding opportunities.

What about social media?

We also have a new Facebook group especially intended for Suffolk community groups who are working towards carbon reduction/ environmental work/ tackling climate change/sustainability etc.

It is planned that this is also a safe and interesting space for networking, sharing events and ideas, provide encouragement, supporting one another in what is happening county wide.

Please stay in contact, feel free to offer contributions to both the Facebook page and articles for the newsletter as we need to hear from you. 2030 is not far away and we can all be part of the climate change solution; everything we do makes an impact, let them be positive ones for our communities, both now and in the future.

Get involved!

The SCCP team is just completing a pilot project to loan Thermal Imaging Cameras (TICs) to community groups to survey heat loss in houses.

This has been a great success and we plan to not only roll it out again this autumn but to extend our reach.

The scheme will be rolled out again later this year. It will be promoted on the Suffolk Greenest County website, the newsletter and Creating the Greenest County Community Network Facebook page

Why not contact me!

If your community or community group would like more information do not hesitate to contact me through email

For more information about the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership please visit here