We want to help you save money at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint.

Just starting out? 

With the increase in energy price cap taking place on 1 April 2022, it’s never been more important to act and save money by reducing the amount of energy used around the home.

Take a look at the links and information sheets below for handy tips and advice. 

Householder Advice Service

If you are thinking about improving the energy efficiency of your home, how to save on utility bills and become greener – Groundwork East are offering free impartial advice to help you make the right choices for improving your home.

They are able to offer householders free advice over the phone and/or email about renewable energy installations- solar, heat pumps or improving insulation, glazing, heating controls and other changes, tailored to your type of property.  Please complete this short survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VDCK2LT so they can help or call them on 01473 350370.

Ready for the next level?


A huge amount of power can be harnessed from the sun. As a renewable energy source, solar panels capture the suns energy and convers it into electricity. They can even generate electricity on cloudy days!

Installing solar panels enables you to generate your own renewable energy, whilst reducing your electricity bills and carbon footprint.

Visit Energy Saving Trust’s solar panel guide for information on how they work, the costs involved and more. The only limitation of solar power is our ability to turn it into electricity in an efficient and cost-effective way. For example:

  • Solar Water Heating
  • Solar Electricity


There are several renewable solutions for heating such as:

  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps 
  • Wood stoves and boilers (Biomass)
  • Heat Recovery
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Wind Turbines

To help you choose the right product you will need to speak to a qualified specialist as there is a high level of design to be considered prior to installation, which will be based on the needs of your building.

Take a look at our Heat Pumps Advice Sheet for more information, or visit Energy Saving Trusts website here.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme will launch in April 2022 and provide upfront capital grants to support the installation of heat pumps, and in some circumstances biomass boilers, in homes and some non-domestic buildings. For more information and to check if you’re eligible, click here.

Looking for local inspiration? Visit the Eco Homes Archive for case studies covering various household types and low carbon measures. Open Eco Homes is a project of Cambridge Carbon Footprint, a local charity concerned with climate change.

Warm Homes Suffolk

If your total household income including all sources and people is less than £30,000 and you live in a home with a low energy rating, then you may be eligible for help. Please visit Warm Homes Suffolk for more information.