Not only is recycling great for the environment due to the fact it makes use of materials already in circulation and reduces the need for new raw material, but it also helps tackle climate change and promotes sustainable economic growth, as less energy is required in the manufacturing of products that use recycled materials compared to raw materials. 

Just starting out?

Check the Suffolk Recycling website for tips on how to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste, whether that’s packaging, food, plastic, electrical, textiles and more. 

Ready for the next level?


Refilling and reusing old containers is a great way to reduce the amount of plastic and packaging you use.  

There are shops and businesses all over Suffolk offering refill services, ranging from household cleaning products to dried goods such as rice or oats and coffee beans. Find your nearest refill station here


Visit one of the growing number of repair cafes in Suffolk. Community organisations volunteer to mend electrical items, clothes, sharpen knives and garden tools and much more.


Hiring, rather than buying items such as tools and clothes for a one-off event is a great way to prevent unwanted items from being put into landfill or having to be recycled.