The Denes High School

Over the last two years a whole school approach to sustainability has been adopted involving students, staff and the wider community. A number of successful projects have been led by students including the installation of wind turbine – Centurion, travel plan accreditation, energy display meters, creation of an eco garden and solar panel installation.

Judges Comments: Great to see the naming of the wind turbine opened up to the entire school after small number of young entrepreneurial 6th form pupils secured £37,000 funding. Great scope for pupil input and innovation across the board. Measurement and analysis seems to be a keystone of their work.

Highfield Nursery School

Highfield Nursery School’s travel plan aims to raise awareness of healthier lifestyles and healthier travel options and to help families make practical changes in their lives by being more active, using alternative travel means and reducing car usage.

 Kedington Primary School

In 2009 building work began on two new classrooms, which meant that the gardens would disappear under concrete, so plans were made to fill in a disused swimming pool and move the raised beds to this area.  All produce was delivered to the school cook for the children’s lunches, shared in the classroom, sold to parents, taken to the local butcher (who had agreed to sell them) or eaten as they were harvested.  Members of the gardening club have paced out the distance from the garden to the kitchen and can state proudly that their vegetables only travel 45 food metres!

Judges Comments: Even though only one entry, it was an extremely strong submission that I feel would have held up well against stiff competition!

 Bardwell CEVC Primary School

As part of their continuing commitment to make their school a more sustainable place in which to work, play and learn Bardwell Primary School have designed and created a Eco Greenhouse out of recycled plastic bottles.

Judges Comments: A challenging project that has involved the whole community.  Builds on the excellent work previously undertaken that deals with sustainability in its widest sense. A culture where everyone learns that local actions can make a difference to global issues.