Our school has formed a close relationship with Home Farm Nacton. The Farm, named Tesco Organic grower of 2009, has supplied all our vegetables since 2006. Our school buys into Suffolk County Catering. Staff and 89% of pupils regularly enjoy a school meal.

Our cook emails the farm and our vegetables are delivered to the door from 500 metres away. Fresh and with less than one food mile!

In Maths Year 2000 we invited the manager of Home Farm to explain how he calculates the number of carrots grown in each field, and how many fall off the lorries! Although a rural school, some of our children did not know how the potato grew. They do now!  Our children love visiting the farm and seeing where our vegetables are harvested.

Our children also grow and harvest vegetables to give to our cook, Annie. She serves these separately so our children can enjoy what they have grown. Our lunchtime gardening Club love planting and tending the seeds and plants grown through Suffolk’s Kitchen Garden project.

All our school community enjoy our healthy lunches with tasty vegetables, knowing that by reducing our carbon footprint, we are being green while eating our greens!