[Image Source: Suffolk County Council, from Bramford Primary School].

Global Action Plan, the charity behind Clean Air Day, completed research into air quality and the impact on schools, and discovered over 3.4 million children in the UK are learning in an unhealthy environment as their schools are located in areas with high air pollution.  98% of those schools are in England, with 12% located in the East of England. You can read more about the research here.

What can schools do to help?

Eco-Schools provides an opportunity to promote the importance of clear air in schools and to take actions to make a positive difference.

Actions like cycling/walking/scooting to and from school, planting flowers/trees; anti-idling projects as well as raising facts and information guidance can help to educate children and staff on the importance of Air Quality.

A range of resources are available to help schools promote clean air on the Clean Air Day website, including lesson plans, clean air presentations, assembly packs, posters, stickers etc.

Clean Air for Schools Framework is a free, online tool to help every school create a tailored clean air action plan to tackle air pollution in and around the school.

The Woodland Trust provides free tree packs for schools to support outdoor classrooms, homes for wildlife etc. Visit the Woodland Trust website to find out more.

Mobilane provides green, healthy and sustainable environments by providing plants in schools.