The Suffolk Green Buildings Network (SGBN) exists to promote environmentally sustainable construction and building management in Suffolk.

The network aims to celebrate the achievements of those in Suffolk who have successfully taken steps to develop ‘green’ building projects, whether it is a change to an existing building or an entirely new development. These examples are intended to challenge and inspire others to take green steps of their own. It does not have a membership, it is there for anyone to participate in on a completely flexible basis.

According to the Government’s Strategy for Sustainable Construction 2008, buildings are responsible for:

  • Nearly half of the country’s carbon emissions
  • Half the country’s water consumption
  • One third of landfill waste
  • One quarter of all raw materials used in the economy
  • Clearly, these are issues that we all have to address to not only reduce negative impacts upon our environment but, in many cases to save resources and money!

And the ambition does not stop there. In order to create the greenest county the ultimate ambition needs to be to explore the ways in which buildings could be designed to deliver a net benefit taking into consideration social, economical and environmental impacts. This is the essence of a ‘Cradle to Cradle’ approach.

The Suffolk Green Buildings Network is led by the businesses, charities, communities and people of Suffolk. It has been created according to the wishes of a group of stakeholders and the agenda of the network is shaped by the feedback that the Creating the Greenest County team receive from the users of the network.

We are always keen to learn;

  • What the Suffolk Green Buildings Network should do next, what we do well and what the network is missing;
  • About any potential case studies; and
  • About your specialist knowledge.
  • We hope you enjoy this site and look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

The Suffolk Green Buildings Network is a collaboration between ‘Creating the Greenest County’ partnership and University Campus Suffolk (UCS)

For more information or to give us feedback about the Network e-mail Peter frost: