Building type Not selected
Building age post 2000
Cost of work
District St Edmundsbury
Features Solar Hot Water Heating,Natural Materials,Insulation and Glazing,Climate Adapted

Bradfield Woods is one of East Anglia’s most important ancient woods with a history extending back over 1,000 years. The new Suffolk Wildlife Trust visitor centre is mostly green-oak framed and built on a simple oak beam foundation with the external walls clad in western red cedar.

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Sustainability Features

The first challenge was to develop a design that would sit comfortably in its woodland setting. The building it replaced was little more than a glorified shed. That was demolished and the new building was sited amongst the trees nearby.

The aim was to make this building as eco-friendly as possible with the following targets:

  1. Ideally the building would be carbon negative, i.e. there will be more carbon locked up in the fabric of the building than was used to construct it.
  2. No concrete or gypsum plaster would be used in the construction
  3. The timber would be sourced from the nearest locations possible
  4. Recycled materials would be used where possible

In a nutshell, the building would be mostly green-oak framed and built on a simple oak beam foundation – literally just resting on the ground. The external walls are clad in western red cedar and the roof clad in zinc.

It is not a large building, only 13.3m x 8.8m. It will consist of a main multi-purpose room (education, display etc), two disabled WC’s, an office and a covered walk through area with interpretation.


Design Process




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