Building type Domestic
Building age 1915-2000
Location Capel St Mary
Cost of work £30,000
District Babergh
Features Solar Hot Water Heating,Solar PV Panels,Wind Turbine,Rainwater Harvesting

Over the last 20 years, I have introduced many alternative technology projects to save energy and money.

My website describes them all in detail.

Sustainability Features

  • Large Solar PV
  • Solar Hot Water
  • Wind Turbine
  • Battery Standby Power
  • Rainwater Recycling
  • Double Glazing
  • Additional Loft Insulation

As well as: Keeping Chickens, Hybrid Car, Low Energy Lights, Condensing Gas Boiler


Design Process

Got several quotes for Large Solar PV system and Solar Hot Water system. Long discussions with suppliers to devise most suitable systems. Got Building Regulations Approval for Solar Hot Water system. DIY for all other features.



Low Carbon Buildings, Energy Saving Trust grant for Solar PV, £2,500 Babergh Council grant for Solar Hot Water, £500


Green Lifestyle

Very passionate about all things green. Grow vegetables, keep chickens and drive hybrid car.



We achieved a 71% carbon reduction in our home according to our Old Home – Superhome survey. (Sustainable Energy Academy).


Suppliers and Professional Services Used

EvoEnergy in Nottingham supplied our Large Solar PV system.

Solarworks of Lavenham supplied our Solar Hot Water system.

Noel Furman of Stowmarket supplied our double glazing.

A.C. Butler Heating and Plumbing of Ipswich supplied our Gas Condensing Boiler.

Bury St Edmunds Toyota supplied our Auris Hybrid car.

Ebay provide much DIY materials for home made projects.



Sustainable Energy Academy case study