Building type Domestic
Building age Not selected
Location Tollesbury, Maldon
Cost of work £5,300
District Not selected
Features Solar Hot Water Heating,Biomass Boiler,Insulation and Glazing

Small Edwardian terraced house that has been refurbished using sustainable design features including passive solar gain (harnessing natural heat from the sun) through the south-facing aspect; extensive use of glazing and an open plan design on the ground floor.

Sustainability Features

  • Passive solar thermal gain
  • Efficient wood-burning stove to provide heat
  • Solar thermal panels for hot water
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Loft insulation
  • Oil condensing boiler for secondary heating, minimum use.
  • A rated appliances


Design Process

Extensive refurbishment completed over four month period, following design and planning permission in consultation with Maldon Council.





Green Lifestyle

  1. Energy saving behaviour including constant tracking of energy consumption using wireless OWL monitor
  2. Use of local transport and minimal use of car
  3. Avoidance of air flights
  4. Recycling of waste
  5. Composting and growing vegetables



Assessed by Sustainable Energy Academy as 62 percent CO2 savings in comparison with houses of comparable size and age.


Suppliers and Professional Services Used

The owner, Ian Daglish is a specialist in sustainable building refurbishments and undertook this refurbishment. He has studied for the MSc in Architecture: advanced environment and energy studies at the Centre for Alternative Technology.



Selected member of Sustainable Energy Academy, a network of exemplar low carbon older homes across the UK