Kerbside Composting

Composting bins are collected fortnightly with prices for the service and materials that can be collected varying between each of the borough / district councils.

What can I put in my composting bin?

  Babergh Forest Heath Ipswich Mid Suffolk St Edmunds
Suffolk Coastal Waveney
Fruit & veg peelings
Teabags & coffee grounds        
Cooked & uncooked food
(incl. meat, fish, bread & dairy)
Shredded Paper        
Vegetarian animal bedding
Windfall fruit & veg
(Fruit & vegetables from the garden)
Garden Waste
(grass, hedge trimmings etc)

See our 'Making Food Waste History' video for tips and tricks to reduce your food waste!

For a more detailed list on what can be put in your bin, collection dates, to request a bin or to report a missed collection please contact your local borough/ district council: