Kerbside Recycling

Recycling bins are collected fortnightly and all recycling should be clean, dry and loose.

Materials that can't go in recycling bin What can I do with them?
From 31 October 2016 we will no longer accept any textiles or clothing (loose or bagged) in your recycling bin. Please continue to recycle your textiles through clothing banks and charity shops. For more information click here.
Some food waste can be recycled in kerbside composting bins or home composted. The best option however is to not create the waste in the first place so why not have a look on Love Food, Hate Waste for tips on reducing food waste and for leftover recipe ideas.
Glass can be recycled at your nearest glass recycling bank or at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

Loose bottle tops: If you wash and squash your plastic bottles first you can then pop the top back on and it can be recycled in the kerbside recycling bin. Metal tops can be left on glass bottles/ jars and recycled in a glass bank.

Shredded Paper: Some kerbside composting schemes can take shredded paper or it can be placed in the cardboard container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre. You can also compost it in a home compost bin.

Aluminium Foil: This needs to be collected together and rolled up into a tennis ball sized size before being placed in the kerbside recycling bin.  Separate pieces of foil could fall through the recycling process as fines.
You can take electrical items to any Suffolk Recycling Centre or your nearest electricals/ battery recycling point.
Plastic bags and film can be recycled at some larger supermarkets
Disposable nappies cannot be recycled and they must be placed in your rubbish bin, so why not try cloth nappies? Suffolk Cloth Nappies is a voluntary group that offers free trail cloth nappy kits.
Due to the mixture of materials in them, items such as crisp packets and food pouches cannot be recycled and need to go in your general rubbish bin or in the non-recyclable container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

For more details on collection dates, to request a bin or report a missed collection please contact your local borough/ district council:


More useful information:

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