Calling Suffolk Schools - 1000 Beautiful Birds of Peace project

Calling Suffolk Schools - 1000 Beautiful Birds of Peace project

All Suffolk schools (& groups) are invited to take part in this year's exciting Christmas art project to celebrate and how good we are at recycling and reusing in Suffolk, as well as promoting a message of peace! 

We need your schools/groups from all over Suffolk to help us make ‘1000 Beautiful Birds of Peace’ using re-used and recycled materials. They will be hung in two fabulous displays at major Suffolk venues: The Apex in Bury St Edmunds and at the Subterranean Gallery Space at the Town and Tea Café in Ipswich Town Hall over the Christmas period, where they will be seen by thousands of visitors.

Take a look at the gallery of 1000 Birds of Peace

The birds can be made from cardboard or any material of your choice and covered with any materials you like; old wrapping paper, magazines, sweet wrappers, buttons, ribbons etc. – as long as they are reused or recycled it doesn’t matter!  It’s important to decorate both sides as they will be visible from all angles when they are hanging and make sure that everything is glued securely as they may be hung from quite a height and we don’t want bits to fall off on unsuspecting passers-by.

Even though Christmas is still a few months away, we will need the them to be sent in by Monday 13th November or as soon after that as possible  so that they can be assembled and installed at the two locations during November. 

We hope that your school/group will be interested in taking part in this exciting project – it could be an after schools group, a class, a year group or a whole school project.  If you are interested, it would be really helpful if you could email me at stating your interest and the approximate number you will provide by 3rd November. The more we have the more impressive they will look!

If you are planning to make a large amount we may be able  to arrange for them to be collected from your school. Otherwise it is helpful if they can be posted to me through royal mail or via schools post.

All participating schools will be entered into a draw to win a £50 gardening voucher.

To get you started you can download the 1000 Birds of Peace: Poster, Instructions and Templates

October 25th, 2017