It's Real Nappy Week! 24- 30 April 2017

It's Real Nappy Week! 24- 30 April 2017

‘One World, One Change’

In Suffolk we are lucky to have Suffolk Cloth Nappies –a small team of parents who offer free and impartial advice as well as ongoing support to local families wishing to use reusable nappies on their babies. They offer FREE Hire Kits for up to a month so parents can try a range of different nappies to decide which ones suit their baby and their budget before they buy any.

Find out more about cloth nappies on our web pages. If you want to borrow one of Suffolk Cloth Nappies Free Hire Kits to see if cloth nappies are for you then email

Why change?

• Families can save up to £500 if they use cloth nappies! 

• It’s better for the environment. Use just 25 cloth nappies over a year instead of over 2000 disposables. Check out our video – we built a nappy mountain just to show you what this difference looks like! 

• They can also be stylish and comfortable for your baby!

So what can you do?

Help us spread the word about cloth nappies and their benefits. Encourage friends and family with little ones to give them a go. If you already use them why not join Suffolk Cloth Nappies? They need help to support parents trying cloth and to get their FREE Hire Kits out to families who want to try them.

And remember!

It doesn't have to be all or nothing...  if you use just one cloth nappy every day you will save throwing away 365 disposable nappies!

April 21st, 2017