Lowestoft fly-tipper named and shamed

Lowestoft fly-tipper named and shamed

A Lowestoft man has been found guilty of fly-tipping, following an investigation by the Suffolk Coastal and Waveney’s shared Strategic Waste and Environmental Enforcement Team.

Waveney District Council took court action against Mr Edward Foster, of St Margaret’s Road, Lowestoft, after Waveney Norse received a report from the police of an incident of fly-tipping on land nearby which had been recorded on the security cameras of a local business. Mr Foster was subsequently identified as the person responsible for the incident. Mr Foster appeared at Great Yarmouth Magistrates Court on the afternoon of Tuesday 14 February 2017.

He pleaded guilty to an offence of making an illegal deposit of waste and was ordered by the court to pay a total of £300 (comprising of a fine of £120, costs of £150, and victim surcharge of £30). He had illegally dumped an old mattress and curtains from a vehicle he was using at the time, on private land off Christchurch Square in Lowestoft, on the 24 of June 2016.

Speaking on behalf of the Strategic Waste and Environmental Enforcement Team, Cllr Stephen Ardley, cabinet member for Operational Partnerships, said:

We are pleased that this individual has been convicted by the Court for this offence of fly-tipping in our district. Unfortunately this individual chose to ignore several attempts by our officers to contact him about the incident. As a result of his evasion, the Council had no choice but to resort to court action to bring him to book, and he now has an even bigger bill to pay than he would have done if he had accepted an earlier offer of a Fixed Penalty Notice, as well as now having a criminal record against his name.

I would urge anyone found responsible by our officers of a fly-tipping offence and offered the opportunity to have the matter dealt with by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice, to accept and pay the FPN, rather than risk being taken to court and ending up with a criminal record like Mr Foster. Finally I would urge anyone who actually sees someone fly-tipping in our district to ‘tip us off’ as soon as possible so that we can investigate.”

If you see someone fly-tipping in east Suffolk, you can report it in Waveney by calling: 01502 562111, Suffolk Coastal on: 01394 444000.

Since May 2016, local authorities have had the power to deal with offences of fly-tipping by way of issuing Fixed Penalty Notices which avoids the need for court action and means that offenders can have the matter dealt with without them risking a criminal record. In Suffolk Coastal and Waveney, the level of the penalty is £200, or £120 for early payment.


February 17th, 2017