We’re proud of Suffolk and our tradition of doing things differently. Now we’re really taking the lead.

Creating the Greenest County is an aspiration that involves the whole county in enhancing the natural and historic environment and responding to climate change. The partnership provides an umbrella for many existing projects, encourages further recognition and resourcing of them and seeks to inspire further actions in communities, businesses and schools.

A priority in Suffolk’s Community Strategy, Creating the Greenest County brings together many organisations in the county – from local government to volunteer groups and businesses – who share the aim of improving the way we live and work.

Our work has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2007 working with local communities and businesses to help them realise the economic benefits of reducing their energy consumption, adapt to climate change and enhance their natural environment.

There are  three delivery partnerships working to deliver these key themes, all involving a broad cross-section of organisations across the county:

  1. Suffolk Climate Change Partnership
  2. Suffolk Flood Risk Management Partnership  / The Suffolk Coast Forum
  3. Suffolk Waste Partnership

If you would like to join with us or support us, please get in touch. We are proud of our achievements to date but know we have much more to do if we are to realise our aim of Creating the Greenest County here in Suffolk!

Contact Emma Dixon, Suffolk Climate Change Partnership Manager emma.dixon@suffolk.gov.uk