Did you know…

  • UK schools could save around £70 million per year by reducing their energy costs.
  • This would result in a reduction of 300,00 tonnes of  carbon dioxide being released – equivalent to 100,000 cars being taken off the road
  • The cost of electricity has doubled over the last 5 years and this general trend is expected to continue.
  • Energy use in many schools has increased in recent years as more equipment like IT and air conditioning has been installed.
  • A typical high school in Suffolk spends £70,000  a year on energy bills, but a school could save 10% of this by implementing no cost/low cost measures. This could mean a saving of £7,000 per year.

Be inspired by these Suffolk case studies of schools that have taken exciting steps to generate cheaper, cleaner and green energy.

There are resources available to help your school start reducing their energy usage:

Carbon Trust provides guidance on some of the most affordable and effective means for energy reduction in schools.