What is insulation?

Insulation helps provide resistance to heat flow and ensures you are more comfortable at home. In winter, insulation can help leave your home warmer for longer allowing you to spend less on heating and in the summer it can help keep your home cooler.

A third of your heating bill can be spent on energy that is lost through the walls and windows of your home. By ensuring your house is properly insulated and your windows have some form of glazing, you will reduce the amount of heat lost. This is key to saving you money, keeping you and your loved ones healthy and reducing carbon emissions.

Many of us think that once our homes are insulated, then there’s no need to update it,  but for your home to be as energy-efficient as possible and save money on your energy bills, you may want to consider updating your insulation. Around 20% of homes in Suffolk have an insulation age of 2002 or younger, meaning a huge number of homes are not meeting the current insulation regulations.

What are the benefits?

Get ready for cold weather and  save – It’s important to be aware that energy prices are still unpredictable and its always better to be prepared and take this into consideration. Improving your insulation measures offers the biggest opportunity to cut your energy bills. Based on the current energy prices, loft insulation alone could save you up to £475 a year if you live in a gas-heated, detached home or up to £285 if you live in a gas-heated semi-detached property.

Stop wasting heat – If your loft insulation is inefficient, a quarter of your home heat escapes through the roof. Insulation will also help prevent heat coming inside during a heatwave.

Energy-efficient homes – Sounds obvious but installing better insulation could help you increase your home’s EPC rating, which adds value to your property and makes it easier to sell. According to data analysed by the BBC, nearly two-thirds of UK homes fail to meet long-term energy efficiency targets. More than 12 million homes fall below the C grade on Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) graded from A-G. Find your current EPC rating.

Quick to install – Loft or attic insulation is easy to install and causes minimal disruption to your home.

Maintenance-free – It’s maintenance-free once installed.

DIY Insulation

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