What are Net Zero Homes?

A net-zero home produces as much energy on an annual basis as it consumes. If you’ve already been taking steps to make your house more sustainable, retrofitting or making changes to make your house Net Zero are the next steps you can take to help with both Carbon Reduction and saving money. This can be through a variety of measures including Solar Generation, Airtightness in all ventilation areas and low carbon heating, such as installing a heat pump system.

An image of a Net Zero House.

Image attributed to The Negotiator.

What is Passivhaus? 

Passivhaus meansbuildings created to rigorous energy efficient design standards so that they maintain an almost constant temperature. It takes very little energy to heat or cool them. You can find out about getting a certification for your Passivhaus, and how to retrofit your property to Passivhaus standards at the Energy Saving Trust. 

Case Studies:

Suffolk residents Neil, David, Linda, and Jonathan have installed energy efficiency measures in their homes, which are reducing their energy bills and carbon emissions.

Head to our YouTube Channel to view their video case studies here: Creating the Greenest County – YouTube or scroll down to the carousel below.

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