Go local

A great way to cut down on car journeys is to start travelling to shops in your local area by walking or cycling. If going further away consider public transport such as bus or train and buy in bulk.

Walk or cycle to school

Walking, cycling, or even scooting to school is a fantastic way to start the day. Start good habits early. Kids who include physical activity in their daily lives are more likely to be active in adult life.

Start cycling or walking your commute

Build-in some physical activity to your daily routine, by planning your commute to include active travel. Not only does this have the benefit of improving local air quality, but it is great for your mood and physical health.

Cut down on car journeys

One great way to start on your journey to lower air pollution is to go car-free, opt for a cleaner vehicle. Keep your tyres properly inflated. Turn off your car when stationary in traffic. Leaving the engine running when the car is not moving can release many harmful pollutants into the air around you, as well as wasting fuel.

Switch energy suppliers

Air quality problems can also begin at home. Consider switching energy suppliers to companies who use renewable energy sources.

By checking your Energy Performance Certificate, you can see where there may be room for improvement, such as installing better insulation or more efficient appliances.

Avoid burning at home

Domestic burning has increased over the last decade, becoming the largest contributor to the UK’s particulate matter emissions.

Cut down on your meat and dairy intake

While the connection between eating meat and air quality may not seem immediately obvious, scientists have found that animal agriculture is the largest producer of air pollutants at over 50%.

Plant more trees and greenery

Supporting local garden initiatives (or starting your own) can help improve the long-term air quality in your local neighbourhood. Plants help clean the air around them by consuming CO2.

Support Clean Air Legislation

Keep an eye on local developments and policy changes that are focused on air pollution. One such policy that areas in the UK are looking at is developing Clean Air Zones. Air pollution is most acute on busy and congested roads in our towns and cities.