What is the air quality like in my area?

Do you want to find out what the air quality is like in your area? Visit the Daily Air Quality Index to find out the air pollution levels for your postcode each day. Follow the simple steps for what to do based on your risk level.

Defra air pollution forecast maps (DAQI – Daily Air Quality Index) – “Tells you about levels of air pollution. It also provides health advice in the form of recommended actions you may wish to take, according to the level of air pollution.”

Air Quality Management

All local authorities in Suffolk have a duty to monitor and assess air quality in the county and produce annual reports. To find out more about air quality management in Suffolk, please visit the air quality webpage on the Suffolk County Council website here.

Suffolk Air Quality Profile

The aim of the Suffolk Air Quality (AQ) Profile is to increase understanding of the public health impact of poor air quality on health in Suffolk and to act as a catalyst for further action.  This will be achieved by describing:

  • the impact of poor air quality on the public’s health
  • identifying areas of concern within Suffolk
  • what can be done to mitigate the harmful impact of poor air quality

You can find out more about the Suffolk AQ Profile here.